Harvill’s Produce Company delivers produce six days a week to restaurants located throughout the greater Orlando area. With a fleet of 23 trucks, refrigerated delivery is available quickly and conveniently to our customers throughout the day. Our delivery system makes use of instantaneous radio communication between the warehouse and all drivers to make sure that everyone is receiving accurate orders that are delivered on time.

Each customer receives accurate delivery schedules that meet their specifications. We feel this is one of our best assets so our customers are receiving what they want when they want it, no produce left outside in the Florida heat or any other annoying conveniences.

We understand the need for emergency orders from customers and we take pride in providing prompt responses that meet the needs of our customers. Our warehouse is open to inspection and our customers are encouraged to stop by and take a tour of our facilities.

Every day from early morning through early evening, our friendly office staff is available to provide personalized attention for our customers’ orders.  Our office is completely computerized to provide customers with any sales of item reports, and our sales and marketing representatives frequently visit with customers to make sure that they are receiving the attention and service they deserve.

If a customer has any questions or concerns, the owner of Harvill’s is available to gladly speak with them and address their questions and concerns they may have about our produce and our company in general.

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